My name is David Breaker, and I live in Medway in Kent with my partner.

I started Breakthrough Life Coaching because for me I am passionate about inspiring others to make positive changes. We often have big goals and desires in life but not always sure how to get them. Having been there myself, I now make it my life’s work to help others achieve their dreams.

I am a personal development champion, having gone through a huge shift in my own life.

I remember that time ten years ago now. Unemployed, on benefits, living with my parents,  wasting my life away in a popular online game called World of Warcraft. I didn’t want to do anything else. I was content with playing 14 hours a day, unaware that I was a gaming addict. I hated my life and felt safe in my game. 

I even let myself get to 32 stone!!!!! Shocking, I know. At my lowest, I was hugely depressed and wanted to take my own life. I even knew how I was going to do it. 

I hit rock bottom. I could see no way out…

But then something changed. I got a wake-up call from a GP.  A frank and honest “slap in the face” when he warned me I would be dead by the time I was 35…

For weeks I kept having the same nightmare, night after night…stopping me sleeping.

I was walking through a graveyard, searching through the mist for something, I didn’t know what. Then after what seems hours with the night drawing in with the darkness surrounding me…I find it…a gravestone. 

This gravestone looked damage and unkempt. Disregarded and unwanted it read:

“David was here; he played games…”

I sometimes cry now even when I reflect on this. I was nobody and going nowhere in life.


This was my wakeup call.

My stepping stone forward.

Slowly but surely, I have rebuilt my life. With support, I have become the man I am today!

In these last ten years I have: