“Amna” (September 2019)

David has helped me transform my life. When I first started working with David, I was lost, insecure, felt guilty to focus on myself despite a strong desire to change me life. David took time to understand me, my life, my culture and my perspective of the world. When I met David I was not happy in my part time role. In 2014, I left my HR role in London as I got servely depressed. I searched for years to find a job that would give me meaning and drive. After almost 5 years of speaking to career coaches, doing research and speaking to recruitment agencies, David helped me to realise I wanted to go back in to HR and it wasn’t the job that made me ill. He understood I have an analytical mind and empowered me to make the decision myself. I am now earning the most I have earnt and I love my job as a HR Administrator working for an Adoption Agency.

In addition to this, David helped me to attract the love of my life by focusing on myself. Despite telling David I wanted to meet someone, he told me to focus on myself and the right person would come along. I cannot thank David enough. He was there for me when I felt I wasn’t ‘good enough’ for my relationship. He heard the language I was using and transformed how I communicate with myself. Honestly, lifecoaching has brought transformation and excitement to my life. It hasn’t been easy but it was worth it as I feel David genuinely cares.

So once again, thank you.

“Shivani” (Febuary 2019)

“I think your greatest strength is how you relate to other people and can understand them. You are able to understand my perspective of the world and how certain events/ situations affect me. Your ability to understand me, allows you to find the correct methods of communicating with me and getting me to follow through on tasks/ homework you set me.”

“The life coaching sessions have helped me to understand what is important to me, why it is important and has overall helped me to understand myself better. I have always wanted to travel and push myself out of my comfort zone. You helped me to understand why I wanted to travel, what travelling meant to me and helped me to set SMART goals to ensure I followed through. You went out of your way to send me a text to encourage me to follow through on travelling to new locations.”

“Ann” (September 2018)

The greatest benefit life coaching gave me was an outlet to talk and reflect. I was quite sceptical at first, but my initial expectations were exceeded. David’s strengths are his calming nature, patience and his empathic listening. Our sessions were over the phone and I was unsure at first due to not having that in-person connection, but they went very well.  I found the whole process challenging, stimulating and helpful.  Thanks to David’s help I have now changed my job and I am much happier. Thank you for helping me to think more positively.

“John” (August 2018)

Since starting the life coaching I have gained insight into my life, understanding myself better. I have learnt that some things are out of my control and must accept these situations. I have achieved my target of losing 5% of my body weight, in fact, I smashed it by losing 30%

All the goals I set out at the beginning have been achieved or even overachieved. David recommended an LGBT+ programme which I still attend. Being there and making friends makes me so happy and really boosted my morale.

“Dan” (July 2018)

Such a life-changing experience working with David, smashed my goals in half the time we set out to do them in and have been achieving more and more

“Sue” (May 2018)

This has given me an opportunity, to be honest and explore areas of my life. David was a great listener, had empathy and fully supported my situation.

A BIG thank you, David, for being positive through a changing time of my life.

“Emily” (April 2018)

David showed a clear understanding of my situation and well-being. He is approachable and professional. He was empathic, positive and able to allow me to see things from a different perspective. Now I am more open to ideas and suggestions. By working with him, I have calmed down my thought process. It was a massive achievement for me and in a minimal space of time as well” Just a “BIG THANK YOU”, I appreciate your guidance so much!

“Terri” (February 2018)

I have achieved a sense of confidence. ​I have realised that life isn’t about the world around me it’s about me and the way I want to live my life. The greatest benefit life coaching has given me a sense of self. David’s greatest strength as a coach is his honesty and enthusiasm for improvement in me.

“Molly” (February 2018)

I’ve tried counselling before, which didn’t help me. Life coaching is a thrilling and empowering type of coaching which suited me better. David prompted me then slowly I began to realise I am worth it and I can do things. As a result, I feel much more confident in the issues I had before, and instead of giving up I now say “I can do it!